The vision is unfolding...

In 1998, The Lord revealed the vision of this Cowboy Church to a couple of SHSU college students who were newlyweds. Bubba Miller, (college rodeo athlete and PRCA cowboy) was shoeing horses near the land where the church exist now when the Lord clearly showed him the plans for this church. After sharing and praying with his wife, Tammy (school teacher/Bubba's cheerleader), they began to inquire about the grown up, run down piece of land. The land was NOT for sale. After 2 years of continual prayer, saving, working and many times of being told "It's not for sale," their lives changed because of persistence and love for God's plan. With determination, this young, ordinary couple approached the owner once again with the question, "Is that land for sale yet?" and received a response of "I don't see why not." The 21st century began with many hands to the plow. The Miller's prepared the land for 4 years before having the first church service in the new barn/Bubba's farrier center. The barn was filled with horses, hay bales, horseshoes, and  a few close friends. God was present on day 1 and 10 years later, continues to show up to meet His people in that barn. The Lord has blessed BFC with a great team of leaders, devoted to serving and growing closer to God. Sundays at BFC consist of: FREE buck out, worshipping Jesus Christ, learning the Living Word of God, fellowship and FREE dinner. BFC ministers at all Region 9 high school rodeos, produces rodeos, has FREE roughstock schools and much more. 




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